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5 Special Places In Frankfurt To Surprise Your Mate!

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We are sure you will wonder to find out that the city is famous for many skyscrapers and high constructions.

It is considered to be one of the few cities in the EU with such a skyline. Sometimes you can hear that Frankfurt is called as Mainhattan!

We advise you to rent a car if you don’t have your own and start our trip.

1. Feel yourself like a FBI agent in LaserTag GmbH!

Location:Schmidtstraße 12, 60326 Frankfurt am Main

GPS position: 50.102428, 8.619247

Working hours: Mon-Sun 10.00-00.00

Ticket options: €7 for one game

Parking: Available

Are you ready to get thrilling experience, to feel adrenaline rush?

Try fantastic laser game in Laser Tag GmbH. You will get a brand new laser equipment, a waistcoat and a phaser.

Two teams are collecting points. If you tag a member of another team you’ll get 5 points, if you are tagged 3 points are lost.

So be very careful and show all your skills while playing in this game.

You can take part in the Vampire game where the strongest member of the team will fight in individual battle.

The Zombie game – one player is a zombie with red waistcoat who is hunting for people and tries to make them zombie after a few shots.

In Laser Tag Bar you can relax and order cola or beer for 2 €. Do not miss amazing Samurai game!


2. Rebstockbad offers the best water adventure!

Location: ZumRebstockbad 7, 60486 Frankfurt am Main

GPS position: 50.113145, 8.618491

Working hours: Mon 14.00-22.00,Tue-Sun 9.00-22.00

Ticket options: Adults 4.40 Euro, Children 2.80 Euro

Parking: Available

You can enjoy not only swimming in the pool and relaxing in a hot day but…let’s find out!

7 big swimming pools, 25-metre-long sports swimming pool and a separate one for beginners are all here.

Try sauna decorated with splendid architecture and forget about everything for a while.

Maybe you want to relax in a volcano jacuzzi?

What about water therapy pool?

Or who wants to try adventures in 120-metre slide pool and well known “Black Hole” slide?

In general, you can find here everything you want, even a volleyball court and a playground for children.


3.Count all 5 000 animals in Frankfurt Zoo!

Location: Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1, 60316 Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

GPS position: 50.1156, 8.69863

Working hours: Mon-Sun 9.00-19.00, Mon-Sun 9.00-17.00 in winter

Ticket options: Adults – € 10, Children over 6 – € 5

Parking: Available

Frankfurt Zoo belongs to the best in Europe. 5 000 various animals can be found here.

Just imagine that it is located right in the center of the big city of Frankfurt. Lions, tigers, leopards, bears, wolfs, antelopes inhabit here in Jungle Zone.

Grzimek House has many sea horses, different penguins, exotic poisonous snakes.

Want to see lizards, crocodiles and other reptiles? Than visit Exotarium Fish.

Also you can discover here rare species like okapis, wolfs, black rhinoceroses and Amur leopards.

Well, it is a real treasury of the city. Take your camera to make some shots!


4.Amazing panorama from the highest skyscraper of Main Tower!

Location:NeueMainzerStrasse 52 – 58, 60311 Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

GPS position: 50.11254, 8.67214

Working hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 10.00- 21.00,Fri- Sat 10.00-23.00

Ticket options: Standard- EUR 6.50, Reduced- EUR 4.50

Parking: Available

You will note come through the biggest and highest building in Frankfurt – Main Tower.

It was finished in 1999 and from that time has become the symbol of the city.

Do not wonder when you see the facade of the tower, it is all in glass. The building of its kind was built for the first time in Europe.

The tower consists of a square building (170 m), another is round building (199.5 m).

Except fantastic view of the city you can enjoy the restaurant with exclusive menu!

By the way, the television studio is located on the 54th floor.


5.Visit exotic Chinese Garden to travel back to China!

Location: Frankfurt am Main, 60311 Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

GPS position: 50.11009, 8.682249

Working hours: Mon Sun 9.30-17.00

Ticket options: Adults 6 Euro,Children 3 Euro

Parking: Available

The garden was created in 1989 in order to show people really valuable things in their lives and clear their minds from bad thoughts.

The style of the place is similar to buildings in the Anhui province.

The garden was constructed during a half of year.

This is a splendid place to spend time with your couple, very calm, over the strong Chinese walls.

Many architects and craftsmen were invited to create this miracle-garden.

You will be fascinated by many landscape areas, different pavilions, and a nice pond.

Take your sweetie to cross the marble bridge and make a wish by holding your hands.

A surprise for you will be to see a great waterfall here!

How to see all the best places in Frankfurt?

What is better when you are in love and want to get a star for your beloved, or plan fantastic holidays where you are together…

Of course, you do not want to spoil your time spent together.

That’s why you should carefully think over about the places to visit and how to get to them.

You can stay on the street by catching a taxi, riding in a crowded bus…or rent your own vehicle!

All that is necessary to do is to use the link http://germany.rentalcars24h.com/frankfurt-airport and make a quick online reservation.

Just after arriving at the local airport you will get your car.

Have a great time in romantic atmosphere of Frankfurt!

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a travel writer and tries to find the best and brightest things to do, for your travel in different cities of the world. For nice deals on renting a car for your trip she recommends rentalcars24h.com

A diary of a confessed travelholic!

Good morning, afternoon, evening, night… Dear reader, no matter when you are reading this article or even wherever and whoever you are, I am going to do my best to assure that you can find something interesting in it. It will especially please you if any of these is true for you:

  • You are fond of traveling
  • You have ever booked a hotel online
  • You have ever found it hard to find an accommodation for your trip
  • You have had a pleasant or unpleasant experience with intermediary booking websites
  • You don’t like wasting money in vain
  • You are innovative and you prefer to be ahead of the masses
  • You are communicative
  • You believe that the new is the well-forgotten past
  • You are you!

Let me share my own experience and introduce you to the differences between me a couple of years ago and me now. I am a confessed travelholic, with that I assure you. Logically, I have had my ups and downs with my travel experience, especially when planning the trip. The word that comes to my mind to describe me trying to find a hotel a couple of years ago is “tired”. Not excited, not amused, not anxious, just tired: exhausted of the constant searching, comparison and evaluation, tired of reading the advertisement texts, reviews, looking through hundreds of websites. Of course once on my way to the new destination I would not remember these unpleasant emotions, but that didn’t mean I didn’t live them.

Like many of you, I have also used the intermediary booking websites. It was more or less comfortable, but the fact that I could only get the direct contact information of the hotel I was booking only after I have reserved a room in it was always getting on my nerves. Not only couldn’t I get in touch with the hotel to find out answers to some personal issues. It also made it quite apparent, that these websites had their gains in the money I pay for the booking. These thoughts made me wish that there were a webpage with a similar interface, but which would also expose the direct contact information of the properties listed to allow you a voice-to-voice communication with the owners of your accommodation.

Now, when I found one, I want to share my happiness (along with my experience) with you. DirectHoteling.com turned out to be even more useful than I desired. This global database not only has a very comfortable and user-friendly interface, but it also exposes the direct contact information of properties all over the world, along with photos, a complete list of facilities offered, a link to their official website and pages in social media. Moreover, I found a proof, that my doubts about the intermediary booking websites were true. It turns out that these websites are charging heavy commission fees from the hotels per each booking, therefore urging some hotel owners to expose higher prices. This is why I was able to find totally different prices for the same room of the same hotel at DirectHoteling.com and a famous intermediary online booking website. As you realize, the first one turned out to be lower.

Now I am frequently using this website to save time and money when planning yet another of my trips, and even find my next desired destination with the help of some interesting articles exposed on DirectHoteling.com.

Without an intent to bore you any more, I am ending this article here, leaving you with the opportunity to find what you like best in this unique and extremely useful website.

Hello, I am a travelholic and I prefer using DirectHoteling.com.

MT: A diary of a confessed travelholic!

MD: My personal experience as a travelholic that brought me to DirectHoteling.com, a database exposing direct contact information of hotels all over the world.

6 Factors Why You Should Opt for Lake District Hotels

Lake District is actually a land that is nurtured and attended by angles. The area has been justly bestowed with nature’s good thing, being one among the striking places on the earth; on the other hand, a few classic artifacts and cultures of the Great Britain are performed here to a great extent. The Lake District of North West England has always been a well-liked picnic destination because of its outstanding landscape and attractive lakes surrounding the place. It is the center of the National Park, which is the 2nd major park in the United Kingdom. But you require to book for lodging beforehand to take pleasure in comfortable stay all through vacation. Except for budget these hotels, you have varied alternatives luxury resorts, self catering units, cottages, and beach houses in this vicinity. The enjoyment of holiday can be best enjoyed if you select the proper place for staying. You will also find Lake District Wedding Venues.

Lake District Hotels



Choosing area

You need to choose the area where you may stay through your vacation so in accordance to that choose the nearest hotel. There are 7 zones in this Cumbria. As you have beautiful picnic area everywhere in the district you can select the top preference by browsing in the internet. The Coniston vicinity includes Ulverston, Coniston and Duddon valley. The South Lake region encompasses of Windermere, Bowness and Kendal. After that, you have Keswick, Penrith and the Northern Lake region, West Lake region, and Eden zone, and lastly the North Pennines region.



Varied hotels

You can discover assortment of hotels at Lake District, going well with the taste of each vacationer, arriving from diverse states and countries. There are those who desire most opulence and comfort, you will find 3 star hotels with exceptional facilities and recreation. If you prefer to be on budget, you can stay in bed and breakfast hotels which are always a better option. Be well assured that it would not charge you more than 60 Euros for single night if you prefer to stay in one of the B & B hotels. You can be pretty assured that, the amenities and extravagance level based on the amount they cost you in the hotels.

Image Source



General inclination

Maximum vacationers these days love to stay closer to tourist spots for saving money. However you have to give up the comfort if you desire to stay near to prime locations, if not then you have to expend more to enjoy both nearness and amenities. Several individuals are of view that it is better to continue in Lake District Hotels, which offer essential amenities. The expense you save can be utilized for sightseeing and marketing.



For family vacation

If you own a big family, who have arrived to spend holiday then it is good to pay in advance for cottage with self-catering service in the Lake District. The benefit in booking a cottage is you can reside with utmost comfort and take pleasure in the homemade foodstuff even while you are on vacation. It is also feasible to save substantial amount for food and dinner in Lake District hotels and restaurants.

Lake District Hotels



Hotels are good for multipurpose causes

That’s not all, there are many other advantages. If you plan to hold a holiday, a meeting, or a serene place to take a break the hotels of the Lake District have an accommodation that will go well with your requirements.

Planning could be formulated for a champagne brunch or resting, fishing, picnic container, boating. Striking accommodations are now at your doorstep all you have to do is to you avail any of the fine Lake District Hotels. Explorers have discovered the Lake District to be interesting and a perfect destination to talk about. Stopover at this area of comprehensive beauty and come across this Shangri-La for yourself. The moments you reach the area spend some time horseback riding, going along the water or hiking along the range of trails.


6 Qualities That Companies Selling Retractable Awnings Should Possess

Because retractable awnings are such a lucrative investment for the home – they help by extending outdoor living space, lowering energy costs and improving curb appeal – it is important that you have chosen the right company to supply them. By looking for the following 6 qualities in a potential company, you can rest assured that you are making the right choice. If they lack even one of these qualities, keep looking.

 Product quality

  1. The first thing that you should be looking at is the quality of the awnings, as a high quality one can last more than 25 years whilst a low quality one will be lucky to make 5 years. The easiest way to tell the difference between qualities is to look at the materials used – man made fabrics tend to resist rot and last longer than natural fibres.
  2. Certifications and endorsements
    You may actually find that certifications and endorsements can be quite an important tool when it comes to determining the quality. These will mean that each component has been independently tested to meet certain standards. Remember to look for separate endorsements for the frame and the awning fabric, as these will differ.
  3. Selection
    A high-end company should offer a variety of designs that have been constructed for specific needs (such as a window or deck awning). They should also offer a customised option, which involves them making the frame according to your specifications. There are also a variety of sensors available in case of rain, light or wind levels.
  4. Customer service
    The company should offer exceptional customer service, both when you are considering purchasing a retractable awning in Melbourne and after the transaction has taken place. This includes being polite on the phone, being friendly in person, providing excellent advice and suggestions, and resolving any problems that arise.
  5. Repeat business and referrals
    Did you know that repeat business and referrals are actually indicators of both service and product quality? Unfortunately, finding out how much business has come from referrals or repeat customers can be quite difficult as the company will very rarely track this. You should, however, be able to track any complaints.
  6. Longevity
    You should determine how long the manufacturer of the awning (not the retailer) has been in business. This is because the manufacturer is where you will be able to source replacement parts, services and warranty repairs. The longer that the manufacturer has been in business, the more likely that they will be able to offer support.

 The one thing that you should remember when shopping for retractable awnings in Melbourne is that the biggest issues lie in product quality and service. The good news is that the quality will show in the kinds of materials that have been used in the construction, the certifications and the selection available. The service, on the other hand, will show in the company’s reputation, repeat business and planning. This should help you to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company with your best interests in mind.

 Energy Window Fashions is a premium supplier of awnings, drapes, shutters and all types of blinds like vertical, roman, venetian blinds in Melbourne, Australia.

First Steps in Business: 3 Crucial Reasons You Need a Chartered Accountant

When you are beginning a new business you may assume that the first time you need to think about getting an accountant is when you are preparing your accounts and filing a tax return. Finding a chartered accountant is probably further down your list than locating the right office premises, or getting a business loan. However, starting a business is tough, and an accountant can make it easier to get a head start and manage your finances correctly right from the beginning. Setting up in central London is even tougher, which makes it imperative you have the right team behind you. Finding accountants in central London is not hard – finding the right accountant is a little more difficult. Here’s why you need to make an accountant a priority.

  1. Accountants Provide Sound Financial Advice

Accountants in central London, according to www.gsmaccountants.co.uk, are not just for filing tax returns and making sure you get all the documentation in on time. A qualified chartered accountant assists you in many different areas beside taxation, which is why you should look upon an accountant as more of a business adviser than a number-cruncher. When you are setting up a business in the capital you will need to borrow money at some point. A chartered accountant will be able to advise you on different borrowing options, from local and central government grants to venture capital.

  1. Accountants Assist with a Solid Business Plan

You may want to jump right in and sell your goods or promote your service as soon as possible. However, it is wise to set up a clear and logical business plan before you go heading out into the capital to lose money. A chartered accountant will give you a second opinion, but will also be able to advise you on any aspects of finance you are missing – accountants have sound knowledge of the kind of costs you are going to incur and also the areas where many people fail to budget enough money.

  1. Accountants Help Set Up Financial Infrastructure

Accountants in central London can also help your business off to the right start by putting the right systems in place that will allow you to keep records of your financial transactions, make the necessary payments to the authorities, and keep your bookkeeping efficient and reliable. With these systems in place right from the start, keeping on top of your financial obligations is much easier and you are less likely to be hit with fines or get into problems with debt because you are unaware of what you need to be focusing on.

A new business can be a challenge, which is why a chartered accountant on your side right from the beginning will make it a whole lot easier to be successful. Choose a chartered accountant in London that you can rely on, and who you will be able to work closely with – make sure your accountant is on the same page as you, and is interested in making your business a success.

Why Opt for Catered Chalet for Ski Holidays in France

If you love skiing, a holiday in a picture perfect ski chalet may be uppermost on your wish list. You may presume that self catered chalet options will be too costly but your presumption may be wrong. It is not so in reality.

A Perfect Skiing Holiday within your Budget

Cut to real life. Unless you are very rich and have hired help, you must be handling a fair share of household chores every day. And while you may find cooking and cleaning quite agreeable otherwise, these chores may not be the preferred inclusions in your holiday plans.

Then you also have to think about the time you will spend on slopes. A good portion of a skiing holiday budget, time you are going to spend on transportation, renting the equipment, getting ski passes etc. are the major aspects to consider. As your prime goal is to ski or play snow sports on your holiday, you obviously would not wish to waste hours in buying groceries, cooking and washing up.

In that scenario, the costs of catered holidays work out to be very agreeable. Especially if we talk about the catered chalet holidays in France, the cost per person compares reasonably well to eating in restaurants. Plus you do not need to book tables or wait for your table to get ready. Unless you like doing it, of course!

Keep in mind though that level of services may differ from one catered chalet to another. There are full service chalets that provide breakfast, afternoon tea and feast-like multi-course dinners. There are also comparatively utilitarian chalets offering mostly basic food. What you prefer is your privilege. Some like plain wholesome food to do justice to all that exercise on ski slopes. Some other may like the gourmet experience in their holiday meals. The onus is on you to check beforehand that your rented chalet offers a menu to suit your preferences.

Luxury ski holidays are actually luxurious in the fine sense of the word. As tourists aspire to lives of the rich and the famous, even if they have to pay a premium, most ski resorts offer luxury as part of their package deal. Actually speaking, luxury holidays have been there a while and are not all that new. Only where earlier holidays were more centred of snow and skiing, now these are the package deals of good food, beverages, personalized service and the ‘living it up’ statement.

Ski holidays are being sought by more and more people and holiday companies are rushing into offer more and more options in this segment. These specialized companies offer tailor made holiday packages designed as per customer needs. The offered deals can include single stop ski experience to high end luxury ski breaks. As you must have gauged by now, the options are virtually limitless and mind boggling. On a wider scale, such customized chalet holidays in France can include a hotel or a chalet with swimming pools and mountainside tubs further enhanced by gourmet meals, vintage wines and champagne and hands on service.

A luxury ski hotel may be less private and somewhat more anonymous than a chalet, but for smaller groups, it can give greater flexibility in terms of arrival and departure. Want four days of skiing, not for a week or want a double destination with skiing at two places, a hotel is definitely more convenient choice in that scenario.

A well regarded luxury holiday company will have many luxury ski hotels among its offerings- boutique hotels, family run properties, mammoth mountain residences or ‘super-resorts’. All can offer high luxury and classy elegance but in their own individualized ways. Want large rooms and state of the art business centre? Choose a larger, more modern, hotel. Prefer traditional handmade furniture and authentic alpine interiors – book a quaint boutique hotel.

Whatever your choice, ensure that your chosen holiday property has stone fireplaces, private balconies and gorgeous mountain views. Also ensure luxurious bathrooms, free accessories and hotel concierge services to add even more value to your holiday.

Addressing some of the most common queries surrounding temporary portable buildings

Temporary buildings – also known as portable, prefabricated, or modular buildings – can be very beneficial to all kinds of industrial and commercial businesses. In addition to providing companies and organisations with a truly versatile way of extending their storage and operational space, portable buildings can be erected in a matter of days and maintained for as long as they are required. Moreover, the fact that these structures can be used as either a short-term solution or a long-term investment ensures buyers can be far more flexible about their commitments as well as significantly less worried about any potential consequences (e.g. businesses growing and then reducing in size).

However, whilst many companies now see temporary buildings as ideal solutions to a wide range of premises-related issues, others see things a little differently. Indeed, it is still the case that some enterprises regard buildings of this kind as ‘unknown quantities’, options which – to the uninitiated at least – tend to throw up more questions than answers.

To be sure, individuals and management teams that are perhaps not so well informed about portable buildings more often than not find themselves asking two obvious yet fundamentally important questions when they are first sounded out about investing in a portable building: ‘what is the quality like’, and ‘is planning permission required?’.

The purpose of this article is to address these queries.

So, what is the quality of portable buildings actually like?

It is not surprising that people who know relatively little about prefabricated structures tend to question the quality and durability of portable buildings. After all, it is generally assumed that, because of its portable nature, a temporary structure must somehow be inferior to a permanent bricks-and-mortar building.

This is a misconception.

The fact is, in terms of UK snow and wind loadings, the quality of most twenty-first century modular buildings is on a par with that of almost any other permanent structure in the country. Moreover, most companies that sell, install and hire out temporary structures ensure all their buildings adhere to UK Building Regulations, and therefore they are happy to provide investors with guarantees ranging from 3 months to 10+ years.

Is planning permission required?

Although planning permission as a concept is pretty straightforward, the manner in which it is/isn’t applied can sometimes make it a little complicated to those unused to interpreting it. In general, it is normally the case that any company or individual that is looking to use a temporary structure for more than 28 days will need to apply for planning permission from their local council.

The council will consider every aspect of the structure: its size, layout and external appearance, as well as any consequences its erection may have on the local area. In addition, the council will also scrutinise the proposed use of the development and the availability of the building (i.e. its accessibility). Once all these aspects have been fully considered the council will decide whether or not a temporary building will be acceptable to erect.

About the author – Bo Heamyan blogs regularly about twenty-first century business practices and has written extensively about the merits of investing in portable building solutions for various websites, including Spring-field.co.uk.

Applications That Bluestone Pavers Are Perfect For

Anyone who has undertaken a paving project somewhere on their property will know that bluestone pavers come highly recommended. This is because the material can be used as the primary material for a number of applications both indoors and outdoors without issue. We wanted to show you just how widely bluestone can be used, which is why we have outlined some of the main applications these pavers are used for here:


When it comes to indoor applications, you will find that bluestone pavers look at home in almost every room in the house. Some of their inside uses include:

  • Bathroom – Because bluestone offers a non-slip surface and possesses water resistant properties, it is perfect for use in bathrooms. It can be used for flooring, walling and even inside your shower stall.
  • Living Areas – Because these pavers have some fantastic decorative elements, they are a perfect addition to the living areas of your home. They can be used for flooring and even fireplaces.
  • Hallways – Because hallways are often seen as boring and bland, bluestone will help you to dress the space up. It makes a great flooring that is easy to clean and wears well.
  • Kitchen – Because these pavers are known to wear well and not to crack easily, they are perfect for use in the busiest room of the house. They can be used for flooring and splash backs (among other uses).


When it comes to outdoor applications, you will wonder what you ever did without beautiful bluestone pavers. Some of their outside uses include:

  • Pool Surrounds – Because of its non-slip surface and salt resistant properties, bluestone is highly sought after for pool decking and coping. It will help to protect your family.
  • Patios – Because of their ability to slot into almost any theme (from old world and modern contemporary to Japanese and Mediterranean), these pavers are a popular patio choice.
  • Walkways – Because this material possesses a non-slip surface, even in rain or sleet or snow, it is the perfect choice for main walkways around your property (such as to the front door or clothesline).
  • Steps & Walls – Because these pavers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can easily be used for the construction of steps and garden walls. They have a natural and timeless appearance.
  • Driveways – Because of its extreme durability, bluestone is the perfect choice for driveways and other areas where cars park. If it has been treated properly, oil leaks will not cause any staining.

Now that you are well aware of all the different bluestone paver applications, we are sure that you will be planning where it can be used on your property. Whilst we certainly encourage you to use bluestone as much as you like, just be aware that too much could have the opposite effect. When selecting and purchasing your pavers, make sure that you speak with a professional – they will be able to recommend the perfect type and size.

Supercharged wildlife walks with night-vision equipment

In a world where most kids couldn’t reliably identify a badger, having never seen one that wasn’t already roadkill, getting kids interested in wildlife is the holy grail of modern parenting. Access to local wildlife can open up hundreds of options to young learners, including involvement in eco- and environmental issues, engagement in science and conservation, and a shared interest in the outdoors which can enrich family relationships and provide hours of entertainment for all the family. Building an outdoors holiday around spotting wildlife is the ideal way to enjoy the British countryside while keeping kids interested and providing plenty of opportunities for education in a relaxed and engaging setting.

Compared to holidays lying on the beach or staring at a screen, there’s something uniquely wholesome about wildlife-spotting with kids. But it can be a hard sell. Luckily, there are several unusual ways to try and engage a child’s attention and share the fun of the outdoors- even the urban outdoors- with children from tots to teenagers. Read on for a few tips on how to encourage every member of the family to join in.

Night vision for nocturnal spotting

There’s a lot to see at night, and walking in the dark can inspire children, giving the activity a spot of glamour and danger (while reassuring teenagers that their friends won’t spot them doing anything lame like walking). Not to mention there are some unusual and fascinating animals out at night that most children won’t ever get to see, making the experience a unique one. Spotting urban foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and owls is a real thrill. Even better, the trip comes with its own optical equipment, designed with night-vision in mind for an air of espionage which will have little ones enchanted. Night vision goggles are the ultimate big (girl’s or) boy’s toy.

The best true night-vision optics for wildlife spotters are usually monoculars, or ‘scopes’. Before you set out, choose a set which are adapted to the light levels you expect: the darkness in the countryside is typically much darker than in a built-up area where you have light pollution and streetlights to contend with.

Night vision equipment takes in light using a lens and an Intensifier tube, whose internal photo-cathode turns the light into electronic impulses and transmits them to a phosphorous screen, which is reflected onto the eye-piece and finally into the eye of the user. In true darkness, where you can’t see your hand in front of your face, normal night-vision equipment won’t work as there’s nothing for the Intensifier tube to brighten and sharpen up: in true dark you’ll need an Infra-red attachment, which is like a torch whose light can’t be seen by human eyes- or badgers! In normal urban night conditions, with a moon or with streetlights nearby, you shouldn’t need an infra-red attachment: just remember not to point your scope directly into a light source like a lamp or light bulb.

Some high-end night-vision equipment will even let you record stills or moving images from your adventures, to tempt the rest of the family into coming out next time! Consult a specialist photographic or astronomy equipment supplier for unique expertise and advice.

Author bio

The author is a family and lifestyle blogger with a keen interest in the educational benefits of bird-watching, the outdoors and astronomy. She uses the Sherwood’s Photographic website to shop for new optical gifts and gadgets.

A Guide To Selecting Designer Office Furniture Accessories

There is actually a lot to keep in mind when selecting designer office furniture accessories for your workplace – from quality task lighting and ergonomic chairs to computer keyboards and cable organisers. To ensure that you have made the right selections for your business and employees, we have compiled this handy guide of tips and instructions. By following each of the points outlined below, you can rest assured that you have outfitted your workplace properly.

  • Determine what kinds of accessories each employee requires
    Remember that every employee of your office is different – not only do they perform different tasks and functions, they have different demands and restrictions placed on them by their bodies. It is often a good idea to sit down with each employee (or as many as possible) to discuss the kinds of accessories that they require or would find beneficial. Make sure you keep a list to refer to when it comes time to shop.

  • Determine a budget for your furniture and accessories
    We are sure that you don’t have an endless supply of funds to access when purchasing accessories, so determine a budget from the get-go. It is important to stick to this budget and keep track of your spending so that you don’t accidentally exceed it. If you are the business owner, you can set your own budget; if you are an employee charged with this task, make sure you discuss finances with your boss.

  • Consider the ergonomics of your furniture and accessories
    Many employees do not realise that they need ergonomic designer office furniture until it is too late. Carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress injuries can be very serious and cause all sorts of problems. There are plenty of accessories around that have been designed ergonomically, from chairs and workstations to keyboards and even computer mice. Foster good posture and health wherever possible.

  • Purchase only those accessories that you need
    It is important to provide accessories that will help your employees to do their jobs more efficiently – basically, you need to avoid overbuying and underbuying. When speaking with your employees, be sure to note down those accessories that are essential for them to perform their duties and those that would just be nice to have. You then need to go through the list and determine which items you will buy.
  • Explore discount and sale options where possible
    Saving money is often going to be a high priority, but this does not mean that you should scrimp on the quality of your furniture and accessories. Explore all of your options, including discount stores (just make sure that you thoroughly scrutinize the quality) and sales (just remember that the pickings may be slim). If you can pick up any accessories at a discounted price, you will have more to spend elsewhere.


When purchasing designer office furniture accessories, it is important to avoid overloading an office or cubicle with too many. The resulting clutter can actually hinder your employees’ ability to perform their work. Instead, choose the ones that they are likely to use on a daily or weekly basis. Another way to free up space and to save money on furniture and accessories is to set up common areas that employees can visit when they need specific items, such as light tables.